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Billy B's Barbecue Sauce

The Best BBQ Sauce & Marinade Anywhere!

New line of Gourmet BBQ Sauces & Marinades made with the finest quality ingredients.


Online ordering coming soon! Please call or contact Billy B to place your order.
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Bottle of original sauce


This is the first sauce that Billy B created. This awesome Kosher artisan BBQ sauce has a rich flavor with hints of spice.

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Bottle of mesquite sauce

Mesquite *NEW*

If you’re looking for a sweet and piney taste, give Billy B’s Mesquite BBQ Sauce a try! Just like our other sauces, it’s kosher!

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Bottle of Sweet & Spicy sauce

Sweet & Spicy

If you like something with a little more zing, try our Sweet & Spicy sauce. It’s guaranteed to make your taste buds squeal with delight!

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Kosher and gluten-free

Billy B’s sauce is like no other barbecue sauce you’ve ever had. Whether it’s his Sweet and Spicy or Original; they have a one of a kind taste. It has the perfect consistency with a savory, smoky, and sweet taste all in one bite! Once I tried Billy B’s I knew I would never buy another brand again.

Giuliana – Yardley, PA

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The Story of Billy B’s BBQ Sauce

When I was a young boy my family was in the restaurant business. I used to go to work with my father on the weekends and assist the Chef (while getting totally inspired). As I grew older, I began to cook for my family and friends. Pretty soon I was having huge pig roasts for family and friends (and a few neighbors I never knew I had!). This is where the idea of creating my own BBQ Sauce started “simmering” (pun!).

A grilling cartoon characterMy passion for cooking never left, but it had to be put on the “back burner” (another pun!) while family and work took over and life just happened.

Then in the spring of 2017, I bought myself a brand-spanking new Traeger® grill and started smoking and cooking anything and everything I could think of. That’s when I got really serious and decided to finally get back to that youthful idea of concocting my own sauce.

Cartoon character holding best obbq trophy

So I went into the kitchen and created Billy B’s BBQ Sauce!

After many trial and errors, I felt like I had nailed it! Yes, it was time to start surveying and getting opinions to see what people thought of Billy B’s BBQ Sauce.  The feedback was totally AWESOME and I got so many requests for MORE that I knew it was time to take it into production!

Happy cartoon character jumping with fist raised

This is AMERICA – LAND OF THE FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE, where dreams come true even for a Jersey boy like me. YES! A Jersey boy can make the best BBQ sauce ever!

I truly hope that you, your family and friends like and enjoy grilling your favorite meals with Billy B’s artisan line of gourmet BBQ Sauce’s.

Billy B

Just how good is our sauce???

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